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Long Reef Sunrise this morning

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I was up before dawn heading to Long Reef again to try and catch a different perspective. The forecast was for a cloudy morning and for once the forecast was right. I took a few shots but wasnt really feeling "it" for some reason. I think the overcast weather may have got to me too. There was a glimmer of hope with it turning out to be a nice day at first light, but as the sun rose, the clouds rolled in to a glum Sydney morning.

The second two shots were takwn with a Neutral Density Filter. A 9 stop ND Filter (NDX400) which you can check out HERE.

Neutral Density filters are a great way to limit light to achieve longer shutter speeds to blur water movement (or any other forms of movement). They are a great tool capturing images and setting a mood. ND filters can be used in a lot of different lighting conditions to create the desired effect. The Most common types of ND filters are ND2(1 stop) , ND4(2 stops) and ND8 (3 stops). I enjoy using my NDx400 which limits light by 9 stops and can create some great images that you could not otherwise produce with out. Click HERE for out full range of ND filters, or shoot me an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for any questions.

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Long Reef Blues

Moody Long Reef

Long Reef Cloudy Rock Pool


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