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Maroubra Rock Pool Sunrise

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This morning i went out to the Maroubra Rock Pool and Shelf. I absouletly love this place. This morning we were treated with a beautiful sunrise just before it hit the cloud cover. On a perfect morning the natural saturation of colours is amazing. I turned up about 5:30 and there were about 7 people already doing laps..... pretty keen! The thing with a lot of these rock pools is that there is usually a very intense orange light that can sometimes drown out your photos. There are a couple of things you can do........ Leave it (which sometimes is not a bad idea), in your photo editor, you can drop the temperature which can give a really nice finish to your photo, but this will sometimes lead to over saturated skys (blues), and then your going to have drop the blues out, or just drop out some of the oranges. Generally i just leave it or tweak out some of the oranges just a little.

I have known about the Maroubra rock pool for a while but havent shot their, im going to go back in the future and give it another crack.

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Have a great day!


Maroubra Chain

Maroubra Rock Pool

Maroubra Sunrise

Maroubra Sunrise

Maroubra Rock Shelf



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