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Hoya 77mm HD Circular Polariser Camera Filter
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Hoya 77mm HD Circular Polariser Camera Filter

Price per Unit - $147.00

HOYA 77mm HD Circular Polariser Camera Filter


Hoya 77mm Circular Polariser (CPL) Camera Filter - HD


 Hoyas HD range is its premium range of filters. At only 1mm in thickness and hardended glass it offers the highest quality demanded by the serious photographer. It also is scratch, water and finger print resistant, making it a lot easier to clean and look after. It offers an extremelly high light transmission of over 99% which means it wont slow your camera down (slower shutter speeds).

The glass in HoyasHD filters is hardened, so at 1mm thickness it's tougher than 3mm glass.











Hardened optical glass that has 4 times the breaking strength in ANSI standardized testing (ANSI Z80.3 : 2001) where a steel balls of varying size and weight were dropped from a height of 50 inches onto the glass.

Specialized coatings that are not just water-proof to repel water spots but also hardened to be scratch and stain resistant. Of course these coatings are from HOYA so they are greatly reduce reflections off the surface of the glass allowing you to capture more light in your photos.

The polarizing film is the same as that used in the latest high
definition LCD TV screens. It has 25% higher light transmission than standard polarizing film used in current photographic filters.


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