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Cokin Graduated Filter ND H250 Kit P Series
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Cokin Graduated Filter ND H250 Kit P Series

Price per Unit - $102.00

Cokin Graduated Filter ND H250 Kit P Series


Cokin ND Graduated Filter Kit P Series, with Filter Holder & Graduated ND Filters



Cokin H250 Graduated Neutral Density Kit includes a Cokin P-Series Filter Holder*, P121L Graduated Grey G2 (Light ND2) Filter, P121M Graduated Grey G2 (Medium ND4) Filter, and P121S Graduated Grey G2 (Soft ND8) Filter.


Please note, this Kit includes Cokin P Series Holder and Neutral Density Grad Filters. The appropriate adapter ring to connect the kit to your lens is also required and can be purchased seperately.



Graduated Grey ND Filters compensate for bright light - by under-exposing the sky, they give better relief to the surfaces and colours of landscapes and architecture. They are indispensable in summer.

According to the classic rules of landscape layout, the sky occupies 3/5 of the space above the line of horizon, whether real or imaginary. In photography, this is interpreted by major differences in luminosity between the sky and the rest of the image. COKIN Graduated Filters, by reducing the difference, re-balance the luminosity between the upper and lower part of the image. They put an end to disappointment from washed-out skies and underexposed landscapes.


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